Friday, May 4, 2007
10 Best Gift Ideas for your Male Friend
Men are usually not fussy, when it comes to gifts. They love simple things and appreciate whatever little you buy for them. Finding out what pleases him or what he likes the most will definitely narrow down your search for buying gifts for your male friend.

Check out the ten best gifts for your male friends:

1) It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Right! Men love to eat, and it is the best way to win his heart. So go ahead and cook a home cooked meal for him or a great dessert, and watch him praise you for that! If you are not too sure about your culinary skills, then ordering a good food from outside would be okay too!

2) A journal, book, or travel journal with a special inscription.

3 )A plant to brighten up his dorm room.

4) A luxury version of something he uses every day: cashmere socks; a sleek comb or fancy bath products; a monogrammed money clip, a t-shirt or cap with the logo or name of a favorite sports team, band, or locale you've been to together.

5) A magazine subscription related to his interests or career goals.

6) Tickets to see a movie, play, concert, or sports event together or a membership to a museum. A planned trip: fishing, hiking, driving to a new town or city will be great too!

7) A compact disc your friend's been wanting or music by a new artist you think he'll like; a mix tape or CD you've put together, a "found object" or something that reminds you of something you've done together: beach pebbles placed in a jar; map and postcards from a trip with your destinations noted; photographs in an album will be appreciated by him.

8) A letter on nice stationary explaining what his friendship has meant to you.

9) A framed print by an artist your friend admires or by you.

10) A basket of cooking utensils and/or food items from his favorite cuisine


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