Thursday, May 3, 2007
12 Steps to Make Friends at College
College is a time when people actively seek out new relationships. Unless you are a loner, making friends should not be a problem. Still, it requires effort and a willingness to extend yourself at times.

Here are 12 important tips to make friends at college:

Step One: Be chatty, talkative, friendly, outgoing, amiable, congenial, neighborly, sociable, approachable, easygoing and otherwise chummy.

Step Two: Introduce yourself clearly to those in your dorm and class.

Step Three: Show up early for Orientation.

Step Four: Attend parties, sports events and special gatherings where people socialize.

Step Five: Remain open to new cultures, ideas and values.

Step Six: Invite people to join you for a bite to eat and a drink occasionally.

Step Seven: Offer to give people a ride somewhere.

Step Eight: Study in groups.

Step Nine: Reach out to others when they need help.

Step Ten: Join a student group or sports team.

Step Eleven: Explore the Greek system.

Step Twelve:Throw a party.


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