Monday, April 30, 2007
10 Best Gift Ideas for your Female Friend
You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best gift for your dear friend. There are varied options available when you want to gift your best friend, who is a girl. Find out what she likes the best, like makeup, cooking, home decor or reading. Pamper her with gifts that she will treasure forever. She will appreciate if you gift her something which is homemade. Let me help you with selecting ten best gifts for your female friend.

1) Personalized Recipe Book, Photo Frame, Coffee Mug, Gift Bag, Personalized Towels, Home made Cookies and Cakes, will highly be appreciated by your girl friend, and make her feel special!

2) You can also gift her with leather bags, cosmetics, and western wear. Among the generic gift items writing materials like pens, letter or writing pad, fashionable diary, planner; or utility items like watch, key rings, pen stand, telephone index, electronic notebook and so forth are good gift items for your female friend.

3) If she likes perfumes, then gifting her with some exotic perfumes and Eau de Toilettes would be a good idea.You can go for gift baskets stuffed with bath spa or food products as another alternative.

4) If your female friend likes to wear jewelery, then you can opt for personalized silver ones with a heart or rose-shaped pendant. Silver stone studded rings or earrings are other options. For working women, you can gift her sleek looking jewelry, which she can wear in office.

5) For your book lover female friend you can gift her with a good fiction or non-fiction book, or a bestseller, which she was contemplating to buy some time back.

6) If your friend is fashionable, then you can gift her with the latest fashionable clothes. Choose from jeans, hipsters, skirts, to elegant evening wear.

7) Mobile phones are always a good gift option. Gift her with a cool mobile phone which is fashionable and comes with the latest features.

8) Gifting chocolates and flowers can never go wrong with your female friend. You can have chocolate gift hampers, assorted cookies, and flowers custom made for her.

9) If your budget is high than you can opt for branded bags, which are wonderful gift items.

10) For your movie loving friend, gift her with the latest DVDs of her favorite films, or CDs of her favorite music.


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  • At May 3, 2007 at 11:42 PM, Blogger cien cien

    why to make a friend with woman is so different with man?
    i think it's better to make friends with man than woman wheter i'm a woman
    i feel something like tricky, jealously, something bad in her mind.Except i make a friend with woman already got married or she older than me (more than 3 years)

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