Thursday, April 26, 2007
Pen Friends
A pen pal is a friend who is made by correspondence through writing only. In this fast paced world of today, making and maintaining long term friendships require lot of hard work, time and sacrifice. But not any more! Thanks to the ever developing world of the internet, we now have different ways of making friendships. So, if we lose touch with our school and college friends and feel guilty about it, we can have other alternatives. Pen friends are one of them. The history and concept of pen friendship goes a long time back. Life in those days was slow and people had lot of time writing to their friends. Writing letters were popular. People conveyed their love and friendship in beautiful handwritings written on crisp white papers. The practice of pen friendship gradually came into existence. There was a thrill of the unknown, and people started to develop a liking for it.

Now we have local as well as international pen friends. There are national and international penfriends' associations, as well as numerous books and magazines. We can make hundreds of pen friends by searching the names and addresses of pen pals from these magazines. These pen pal clubs and books are highly popular among people who are willing to make pen friends.

The concept of pen pals is very interesting. We make friends easily with guys and girls and we discover that they have similar interests and hobbies. We come to know many personal details about them, yet we might never meet them in person! Sometimes we even exchange photos and gifts with our pen pals, which makes the bond stronger. There have been instances where long term pen friends have met up and even tied the knot with them. Thus there is an element of romanticism associated with penfriendship between a girl and a boy.

If we have international pen friends, we get to know many details about each other's countries, cuisine and culture. We even get to know each other's languages! Pen friendship is thus a very unique and enriching concept that is here to stay.


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