Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Friendship Between Men
The great friendships recorded in history have been between men, and friendships among men have often been romanticized and idealized. Men's friendships have typically been described in terms of bravery and physical sacrifice in providing assistance to others.

Studies have revealed that men have lesser friends than women, especially close buddies or best friends. However, men have different varieties of friends and they range from 'activity friends', such as a weekly tennis partner or drinking buddies,convenience friends, where the relationship is based on the exchange of favors; other than that, there are 'mentor friends', which signifies
friendship between a younger and an older man.

Unlike women, men stay away from intimacy and closeness. They are much less self-revealing, and are shy to open up. Research has revealed that there are three barriers to close friendships among men: competition between men, traditional masculine stereotypes about "real men," and fear of homosexuality.

Friendship between men, even if they are not as intimate as women's, imply a greater degree of sacrifice and reliability. A friendship which blossoms between two boys from school, gradually strengthens into a stronger bond with the passage of time. There have been instances where men get tremendous support and help from their friends in times of danger than their own family members! They rely more on their male friends for support, which is quite unlikely with women.

However, friendship between men dwindle easily with the slightest of misunderstandings. Best friends quickly turn into worst foes. But the best part is, men forgive more easily than women and make up in no time at all.


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