Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Tips for Making Friends at Work/Office
While most of us think that friendships cannot be formed beyond schools and colleges, the fact is, we make friends at our work place as well. Some of these develop into strong friendship bonds.

See how you can make friends easily at your work place:

# Take an active interest in your colleagues. Do not show a casual attitude. Your personal inquisitiveness and willingness to approach will make others interested in you.

# Listen carefully. Most people do not listen and go on talking about themselves. If you are a good listener, chances are that you will make some good friends in your office. Everybody loves a compassionate and attentive friend!

# Call up your office friends once in a while. This will earn you a good reputation among your friends, and they will understand that you care for them. They will obviously return the gesture by calling you up also!

# Plan a get together in weekends with some of your colleagues. Hanging out with your colleagues will obviously make your bond stronger.

# Gift your office friend with a present on his or her birthday or anniversary. They will appreciate your gesture and will remember it for long.

# Thank your office friend for all those little tasks that they have done for you and appreciate every little detail. This will make them feel more confident and develop a positive outlook.


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