Thursday, August 16, 2007
What I Plan to do for Friendship Week

Hello friends! As I said before, I'm taking a break from my busy schedule to relax for a while. Since Friendship Week(Aug19-25) is coinciding with my holiday, I have planned a lot of activities for me.

Day1--Calling up all my friends from college and university, right in the morning! Engaging in some refreshing conversation.
Day2--Going for a nice movie with Joy, Rimmy, Susan, Ronnie, and Rohit. They are my closest pals, so we plan to rock the day with fun!
Day3--Hitting the gym with double enthusiasm(no kidding!). Working out is the best stress buster for me, apart from movies!
Day4--Visiting Avril's place(she is my university friend) and learning a few cooking tips from her. Avril cooks great and I need to pick up few skills from her.
Day5--Shop till you drop! Yes, I need to go shopping with friends, since I haven't been to malls for a while. Then I plan to go to bowling den and test my skills in bowling:)
Day6--Time to chill out with friends in our favorite food joint, followed by a movie
Day7--Whole day outing at a cosy coffee bar, followed by dinner.

Now, this is a tentative plan, so things might get changed. But I plan to enjoy to the fullest on this Friendship Week! Any suggestions?


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