Thursday, June 28, 2007
Share A Laugh With Your Friends

Friends are the greatest gift from God! Whether it's childhood friends or work friends, we need them beside us all the time. What is more refreshing than sharing a hearty laughter or a hilarious joke with friends? It breaks all monotony and fills us with vital energy. August 5th is celebrated as Friendship Day this year and it's a great day to enjoy a nice time with friends and colleagues.

Invite all your friends this Friendship Day and enjoy a feast with your favorite food and drink. Crack jokes with friends and jazz up their spirits. Go for a movie together, eat out at your favorite restaurant, go for a long drive, play basketball, go camping or have a beach party. Whatever you do, don't forget to smile and laugh with friends. Remember, a smile costs nothing, yet lasts forever!

Recollect all those sweet days spent together and the weird things that you had done! Remember all those funny school or college days and share a laugh. Pull each other's legs and indulge in some fun activities like water games, bowling, word searches, puzzles, crafts and so on. Going out with friends is a great stress buster and is the best way to bring more laughter into your life. The effects of laughter are contagious and is most beneficial to shower you with friendly feelings. Whether it's real or fake, smile with your friends and watch its positive effects!


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