Friday, July 20, 2007
Friendship Bracelets

Among all other presents that we gift our friends, friendship bracelets are the sweetest ones. It is by far the best symbol of friendship, and comes in various patterns and colors. These are handmade by embroidery floss or thread. These cute, colorful bracelets are liked by both boys and girls, and are a craze among teens and college goers. There are candy stripes, broken ladder, chevron, Chinese staircase, diagonal 3's, rag rug, totem pole, and many other designs and styles of a friendship bracelet.

Friendship bracelets are especially given by one friend to another on International Friendship Day, which falls on the first Sunday of August, as a universal token of friendship and harmony. Go ahead and tie one of these bracelets on your buddy's wrist, and make your friendship stay forever!

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  • At August 14, 2007 at 5:16 AM, Blogger forumer

    Greetings 7x fren, nice to see you again. I'm sorry for long time not visit here, so busy and pretending busy :D

    I see you keep udating your post, that's nice, and thanx for this friendship bracelets post. I never knew it before until now hehe

    I will add your blog URL in my Blogroll k, as appreciation because you remember me :D Till we meet again my fren , all the best to you :)