Thursday, April 19, 2007
How do Friendships break?
Nothing can be more agonising and traumatic than breaking up with your old friend! Your friend has stood by you in all the problems of your life and has provided you with strong moral support. Now that you have broken up with your friend, you find it hard to adjust back to your normal life. So in these circumstances, what do you do? Now let us first try to sum up few most important factors that create a rift between two friends.

Normally we break up with our friends when there is some kind of selfishness or jealousy involved. In schools and colleges, friends break up mostly due to competition in studies or exams. Friendship between adults dwindle due to various factors like professional rivalry, underlying secret motives, love triangles, spread of false rumors, taking advantage of situations, demeaning your friend, insulting them, backstabbing, etc.

Kids make friends in no time at all, and break them faster than that. They do not understand the true meaning and value of friendship. However, there are hardly any undercurrent of selfishness involved in their friendship. Kids break up with their best friends due to peer pressure or due to constant comparison with their friends. Other external factors like jealousy, aggressive attitude also cause friends to drift apart.

Friendship wanes between two adult people due to various external and complex factors, of which we sometimes have no clue at all. At workplaces, a strong friendship or bond between two people can break for a simple factor. Normally we not want to befriend that person once again. If we find out that a particular friend of yours is spreading false rumors about you, or abuses you at every given opportunity, we immediately distance ourselves from that friend, and never hook up again. We do not forgive easily. Love triangles are major factors for bitter quarrel between friends, and often take a violent turn.

However, we should remember that friendships are easy to break than to make. So find out what's bothering you. Is it your friend or someone who wants to create a bridge in your friendship? Consider all hidden causes before breaking up with your friend. If you break up with your best pal for no reason, you will repent it later.


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